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    Combining the sharpness of mustard with the sweetness of honey - these crispswill certainly stimulate your senses!
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    A light dusting of sea salt complements the fresh patato taste of our crisps perfectly. Full on flavour with just three simple ingredients!
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    We've put our most popular flavour onto our thicky sliced ridge cut crisps with great results!
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    The ridges in our thick cut crisps lock in the flavour for a tantalising taste experience!
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    Flamegrilled Aberdeen Angus is one of our favourites. And it's that exact flavour we've aimed to re-create with our distinctly Scottish take on steak-flavoured crisps.
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    tomato crisps with extra tang! our amalgamation of both sweet and piquant natural seasonings has created an invigorating flavour that'll make taste buds sing!
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    Whether you are after a down-to-earth snacking experience or seeking out the perfect scooper for your favourite dip, our Chia Seed dipper is packed with superfoods - giving you a healthy dose of a multiseed crunch with every delicious munch
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    Slightly sweeter than our traditional corn base with a light sprinkling of saltiness, our Blue Maize dipper is the silent hero of the Free'd family. It brings an authentic Mexican flavour to any fiesta and a pop of colour to match
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    Like a health-loving hipster gone mainstream, our Kale and Spinach tortilla chips weave leafy flavours with our traditional corn base to create a healthy crunch as flavourful as freshly made crispy kale chips
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    Potato Crisps - gently cooked to perfection. Combining the full-bodied flavour of mature cheddar cheese with a delightful oniony tang, these crisps prove that – with the right ingredients – even ordinary flavourings can be made special.
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    A potato crisps cooked in sunflower oil and Sea Salt. When it comes to crisps, we don't mess about. We pick out the best potatoes, slice them leaving the peel on, and then handcook them. No nonsense. Just delicious Sea Salt flavour.
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    Potato Crisps - gently cooked to perfection. Crispy bacon, an old favourite, and not just for breakfast. Now you can enjoy the smoky aroma and salty tang of perfectly cooked bacon in Mackie’s potato crisps – and you won’t even need a frying pan!

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